Career / Prospect

Being a host to an assortment of jungles of various locations, India is the dream destination for any wild-lifer; i.e. Researcher, Educator, Writer and Photographer. Professional wild-lifers generally take assignments from various newspapers, magazines, publishing companies, television channels, digital channels, advertising agencies and the government agencies too. Most of them prefer to work independently and share their work with various media agencies and NGOs. Besides, they can also host exhibitions / meetings and present the work to get their talent recognized internationally, thereby earning the desired remuneration, name and fame. What's more, they are selling their photographs or short films on an outright or royalty basis. Nowadays wildlife Writing / Photography / Filming or Speech become a lucrative career, not only an interesting profession but highly paying too. This is a most innovative career option for the beginners. This career has brought more inspiration amongst the youngsters and college students. It will never fall under the category of low paid professions.

More even, the most prominent and prospestive feature of RBRF-Nature Indian courses are, the organization provide 100% placement for all the pass out trainees of Masters Course and Gurukul Course, respectively. This recruitment will be made under two different ranks (Junior/Senior), which are pre-allotted according to the course schedule. This recruitment is confirmed but subject to completion of the respective courses and pass-out trainees only. The Masters’ pass-out candidates will be recruited as Staff Wildlife Photographer / Filmmaker / Journalist / Speaker (Junior) and the Gurukul pass-out candidates will be recruited as Staff Wildlife Photographer / Filmmaker / Journalist / Speaker (Senior). They will join immediately after the completion of their respective course and with the pay-scale of INR 2, 99,000/- per year for the juniors and INR 4, 99,000/- per year for the seniors. Please note, no drop-out trainee will be recruited by any means and the course fees are non-refundable.